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Adoption Amplifier

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Totals{{formatNumber(tableColumnTotal().hexAvailable)}} HEX{{formatNumber(tableColumnTotal().totalEth)}} ETH{{formatNumber(tableColumnTotal().hexPerEth)}} HEX{{tableColumnTotal().yourHex ? formatNumber(tableColumnTotal().yourHex) + " HEX" : "0.000 HEX"}}{{tableColumnTotal().enteredLobbyValue ? formatNumber(tableColumnTotal().enteredLobbyValue) + " ETH" : "0.000 ETH"}}


This website was a lot of fun to make, and hopefully you can find some use from it as well.

If you have any comments, compliments or concerns feel free to start a chat with me on my telegram:


Release Value

This function built into the Hex smart contract releases any value that has been sent to the contract.


Good luck, value!

Referring System

If you want to refer other's into the greatness that is HEX, you can benefit by getting 20% of however much HEX they mint from joining the AA Lobby.
Additionally, those whom you refer will get a 10% bonus themselves! Win-Win!

Good luck!

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This Website is based on the original:
Click the link for details on what HEX is all about.


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This website is designed to only enable referring others.
Self Referring is prohibited.


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Be sure to double check your transaction details (Amount and Input Data) before confirming your transaction in MetaMask!